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Just a scratch by ark4n

Cambot is one of my most loved series of your amazing talents to date! You have given such in depth detailing and have added a funny little humor to this one!
The shading is perfect and the lighting that you have placed in areas on and around this adorable little machine is impeccable! The broken part of Cambot is laying right in the perfect spot. I hear this print tell a story of Cambot rolling along to make sure that all is in working order in her world and lo and behold a gear got loose and as she was rolling toward the hallway ahead of her it dropped off and where you have placed the loose gears is where a couple of bounced off gears would lay as her arm fell off. Perfect shadowing and the glare from the lights add to this masterpiece!
As always your details are perfect and in sync with the whole print! The depth blur is amazing at the end of the hallway and matches exquisitely to how far the little cambot is away from it.The perfectly designed brick wall has an amazing contrast to the gorgeous piping along the side of the wall. The ceiling grates,lights and chain add for such realism,that it makes me have so much empathy for this beautifully created Cambot Print! I could say much more to add to this perfect Masterpiece,but the picture shows it all so well.
By the way....Cambot looks just as cute and adorable and perfect in the Real Life Prints too. All the Cambot prints are flawless and are mastered by an artist that has become one of my favorite Deviant Artists! I should know they are perfect,because .....I have bought all of your Cambot prints and looking forward to many more to come! Ark4n is by far one of the best Deviants to this site and to the Graphic Artists Community!!(IMHO). <3 :0)
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